31 October 2006

Look, a thing #7: boooooo

Halloween is a time for being amused by small things like wrapping yourself in yarn and having a flashlight that flashes colors on your wall and into the yarn and onto your face. I hope you are scared! Yes!

24 October 2006

Look, a thing! #6: Friend O'clock

I've been thinking a lot lately about how we all need other people. Like, we really really do. If we don't have other people, we lose track of a lot of aspects of ourselves. So I took some video that I shot on a couple of occasions and mashed it together to create this very messy mess. I wanted something with a lot of laughter, and this has it, and I'm glad I'm putting anything up at all, but I think by next week, I'll have a greater amount of video to choose from.

If this just looks like home movies, oh well. Because the idea is: PEOPLE, WOO.

 And apologies for a lot of the video being glitchy-looking. It looked fine the first couple of times I reviewed it. Something must have happened to the tape? I don't know.

 Music that you might hear if you listen closely includes "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" by Of Montreal, "These Words" by Natasha Bedingfield and "Strict Machine" by Goldfrapp.

18 October 2006

Look, a thing! #5: Music

Click for thing of video.
hoo. I took forever to put this together because I kept not feeling inspired by the stuff I shot. I started to realize that, hey, maybe I need to involve other people in my creative processes once in a while! Because other people are amazing and wonderful! But in the meantime, here's another one of me kind of, like, shooting a bunch of video and then sitting around in an editing lab for hours trying to make it work. Note: The piano lessons I took were when I was around 8-12 years old, and the big thing happend when I was I think 12 I think. Oh man. Okay. So I like editing labs but I like people too. I need to find a pleasant balance somehow.

17 October 2006


Everybody hold on because I will have a new post up tomorrow.


15 October 2006



So I am naive enough to be inspired by stuff all the time, and people see it on my face, I'm enraptured. People were telling me that they could tell that I was really enjoying some pieces at No Shame last night, like my face was all lit up, like I was on fire.

Maybe I am on fire. Maybe I'm having a renaissance. Because the heat of living is absent so often, but why should it be? It's just there sometimes.

That's that, in short.

09 October 2006

Look, a Thing! #4: I am in bed.

Click here for video.
I am in bed. This is literally footage of the very moment I woke up, as I set up the camera the night before. It's kind of creepy, now that I think of it, to imagine a blind eye staring at me all night. And, since I would be curious if I was watching it, the crazy lines are an antennae for a radio in a parking booth I work in. It's by the main library.

The noise is from people putting up ugly, ugly siding on my apartment and neighboring apartments. I seriously thought they were done. They interrupted my sleep. This is my wuss-revenge!

02 October 2006

Look, a thing! #3

Click for viewin'.

On Riverside between where it intersections with Iowa and Burlington Avenues, I ate an apple and looked around, AS I AM WONT TO DO, and later made a video blog about it. I kind of hopped around when I was making it.

PS: Click here for Flash version on my blip.tv page.