28 November 2006

Carp caviar promo time guy!


Look, a loud time!

This was the speedvlogging assignment, okay? We were told, "DO A WHOLE VIDEO IN TWO HOURS" and we three got together and ran around the town. The process involved something like a word association game, except we associated images and sounds instead of words. Sort of. So, "two hours" later, this is what we have.


Zach's videoblog: http://mmmff.blogspot.com

Violet's videoblog: http://rstv.blogspot.com

Also awesome: Edward Albee.  

14 November 2006

Look, a thing! #9: a night


Even when I am stuck and I have no idea what to do and I am tired and the footage I have sucks and I'm stupidly working at home with Windows Movie Maker (duhhhhh), I am resolved to not let my videoblog become something that I stop caring about. Like, I will miss weeks, and I will have crappy things that I post just for the sake of posting, and I don't know, anything is possible... the point is that I keep it at least in the back of my mind. The point is that this is a pep talk to myself, trying to keep from becoming dispassionate about it. Because if there's one thing I love, it's plastering my shit all over the internet. I say that in the way that would once have been considered cold & heartless but is now something of an endearment. Everything shifts, moves around, changes, and this short video is a document of one night of change for this guy right here.

07 November 2006

Look, a Democratic Party rally.

So, okay, Barak Obama is really smart. It's funny how a generic pep talk speech gets me all excited, but it did because of the seeming genuineness to it. It's pretty neat.

All the slow, scary business at the end isn't meant as a comment on the speakers or the party or anything, it's more like trying to kind of capture one sense of being in a crowd. I hope that's clear. I hope the election goes well. I guess by the time most of anybody sees this, it will all be over.

06 November 2006

Look, a promo?

This was a happy accident while making the next video. Everone loves the moon! Go moon!!