18 December 2006

Look at that messy kitchen!

This messy kitchen is in your face when I turn the digital zoom up to 700x and you see nothing but colors.

 In other news, I cleaned up this kitchen finally today.

 Point is, I'm continuing my video blog because I like to do it. So that is basically all of that!

05 December 2006

Look, a Susan!

Susan is pretty much hilarious. She doesn't really care about the conversation going on about the TV show called The West Wing. Apparently Rob Lowe got hit. This is my project where I tried to exit my comfort zone, but I didn't... really... exit... my comfort zone... much. It was kind of meant to be a sequel to my modes project, which is at the bottom of the post - but it would take weeks of work and failure to do such a thing. I'm not ready for a capstone on this videoblog because um it is going to live forever.

Though this is my last school-sanctioned post, please keep looking at lookathing! Also, visit the "vlogging allstars" link to see how everyone else is doing with their business. Oh wow, all right.

Here's that modes of film & video production movie I made. This would have been, umm... Spring of 2005. Which seems like forever ago, honestly. And it kind of was forever ago. This is it: