26 September 2006

lookathing 2: self-portrait

(click here for video)

Oh dear, I really have a botchy time of this. It's in Flash format because I made it on my windows video maker, which is a piece of cra-ha-ha-ha-happp, so I will convert and fix it later. I also hope that you are ready for me to just talk at you and it's kind of just a drone that ends with some abrupt beeping. I don't know whether or not it really counts as a thing. But it's a thing, man!

21 September 2006


Seriously, though, my favorite thing in the world is sweater-and-scarf weather, and we are up to our necks in this business right now.

I made a song that sounds like it's about sado-masochism, but it isn't... or is it?

12 September 2006

Look, a post.

Click to look #1

Emerging from the haze of a lazy, baffling weekend, I created this. I'm sure that lots of other people have done the white-out mouth thing, but since I haven't myself seen it, I don't feel like I'm ripping anyone off. Waum waum waum waum. And if you think I might get in trouble for doing that to that piece of money, let me know. I think I'll be okay, though. For now.