29 March 2007

Look at this guy, asking questions of himself, telling things to himself.

Here I am, breathing, thinking, thinking.

This is culled from a big one-sided conversation I had with my camera. It ended up feeling kind of like writing in a notebook, but I didn't get very far. Also, I was whiiinnnyyy on camera. I edited out the whine, or, most of it.

Breathing is maybe the smallest thing that is so important. It's like everything, cells, bones, synapses. Breath is huge because of its collected smallness. That is pretty easy.

old new thing

Same footage, kind of in a hurry at the library, wish I had amazing software.

23 March 2007


The people footage (look at that man's eyes!) is from the home shopping network and C-Span. The dog footage is from the footage that came with the software bundle that came with my video camera. I used the software to make this video. I cried the whole way through.

I spent the day shooting video, looking at it crooked, and rethinking and overthinking, then decided to just make this tonight. Because today was the deadline.

This post serves as a reminder, a taste, a forced obligation. wuff.

09 March 2007

look, a sort of short little video announcing my return and satisfaction!!!

Click to see a 30-second return video.

return of the mack (yes it is!)

 return of the mack (come on!)

return of the mack (watch my flow)

you know that I be back.