07 April 2007

a look around

I played the droney keyboard at the end. Everything else is natural except the Lay's bag at the beginning. xo to videoblogging week

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Looking at the little quiet bits at no shame theatre

I didn't post video of the naked guy.

But rest assured that there was a naked guy.

Also, apologies about the editing not being tight at all. Windows Movie Maker doesn't really baby-help me along in making pretty video like Final Cut does. But I think this is kind of kind of a little interesting anyway. Maybe?

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05 April 2007


Lightning. The music is just some plain guitar, slowed down. It was a lovely night.

Look at me do what I want.

Basically a response to Geoff's PSA for a healthy thing.

Seriously, cold beer, warm shower, awesome. And I chose PBR because its label is more beer-looking than the Michelob Golden Light in the fridge.

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04 April 2007

The face can do two things.

Something of a double post:

Click for face.

I talk. The compression may make my face look weird and wrinkly and freckly. It isn't really like that.

Listening up is good for the ears. Sorry about the weird word choice. I make a face about it, don't worry.

03 April 2007


A short video about how bright the sky is and how out of breath I get when the hill is steep.

Oh, wait, it's actually just me in my room late at night.

Getting up in six hours to go to a computer lab so I can for-real edit a video for tomorrow.

This is fun. videobloggingweek2007 !!


02 April 2007

Look out! It's video blogging week.

Geoff and I took a stroll today to commemorate/gather footage for the big blogging week that's going on starting, um, yesterday kind of. But, yes, I am up to the challenge, and this is completely fun. CAAANNNNYONNNNNN. Watch his stuff, please! Over at I Know You're Tired Too.

This is totally for videobloggingweek2007