07 April 2009

Two Years

09 March 2009

good morning

12 April 2008

hey bird.

get that birdie! get 'im!

09 January 2008

The thing of Berkeley Station

26 November 2007


What Wyoming will do to you.

28 June 2007

level of ocean

Seriously, if I'm going to take a hiatus, I should just say, "I'm taking a  hiatus." But I'm not. I'm always thinking about the thing that is this. It's just so weird.

So, while I don't have a regular or particularly well-edited post, take a look at some pretty scenery at Lime Kiln park in California. It's by Big Sur. Pretty.

07 April 2007

a look around

I played the droney keyboard at the end. Everything else is natural except the Lay's bag at the beginning. xo to videoblogging week

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Looking at the little quiet bits at no shame theatre

I didn't post video of the naked guy.

But rest assured that there was a naked guy.

Also, apologies about the editing not being tight at all. Windows Movie Maker doesn't really baby-help me along in making pretty video like Final Cut does. But I think this is kind of kind of a little interesting anyway. Maybe?

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05 April 2007


Lightning. The music is just some plain guitar, slowed down. It was a lovely night.